The year of change

In 2019 something happened that I had been able to prevent for years. Pets!

I've always been opposed to pets of any kind, largely out of selfishness, as I also wasn't willing to sacrifice my/our interests such as vacations and travel, as well as geocaching, for the care of pets. Dog was always a talking point among our offspring, but who should care? - I certainly don't.

And then there he was, the supposed cat. One day he stood in front of the school entrance and wouldn't leave. So what to do?

Well, maybe temporarily in the basement? And it came as it had to come! Feli(x) became the official school cat, cared for by the students and teachers, at home in our basement until the apartment was annexed at some point.

Well, and then Feli(x) became our Feli, because the tomcat wasn't one after all and we had our first pet.

It is now 2022 and the fourth cat has made itself comfortable with us. No, we don't have four cats here, two are in the garden and the rest are in excellent health. But how it came about can be found at



Now we also have a meerkat

Anton is here!

What everyone feared, but no one dared to think,…

So, since last Sunday Feli hasn't shown up, a…

Now that Feli has been with us for some time, the…


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