As already described on the previous page, we came to Feli(x) like the virgin to the child. All of a sudden he was (OK, this has nothing to do with transgender) Feli, because during the medical examination it turned out that there were not cojones missing, but that Feli was not naturally endowed. But by then the subsequent decision had already been made and was a reality.

In the end it didn't matter, within a short time she had annexed not only us but also our flat.

Since Feli was probably a bit older - we assume she had been left behind after a move or bereavement - the question arose at some point as to what to do in the event of her passing away - resume her former life without a pet, get a replacement or get a second cat accustomed in advance.

For me as a pet rejecter, it was a simple decision - 1) was out of the question, 2) would certainly not work, so only solution 3 remained, but one thing was clear:

This time save a cat too

And so "Sammy" found his way to us, born at a friend of Kira and Lena's, a mix, similar to our Feli - and a tomcat. Because sometimes it comes differently and secondly than one thinks.

But as already mentioned, Feli was a diva and never accepted Sammy, but maybe she was already too old to deal with such a youngster.

What happened then, you can look up in the news, one day Feli was no longer there, long faces, search reports, phone calls - our worst fears had come true, Feli lay frozen stiff in the freezer of the animal shelter in Dillingen, hit by a car two days ago, the day she disappeared, almost 2 km from home. No idea how she got there, actually she had a fixed territory which she had never left.

R.I.P. Feli, you have enriched our lives very much - says the pet opponent!


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