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A digression

Geocaching, derived from Greek γη "earth" and English cache "secret camp", also called GPS scavenger hunt in German-speaking countries, is a type of treasure hunt that began to spread at the end of the 20th century. The hiding places ("geocaches") are published on the internet using geographical coordinates and can then be searched for with the help of a GPS receiver. Alternatively, the search is possible without a GPS receiver using precise maps or appropriate apps on the smartphone.

A geocache is usually a waterproof container that contains a logbook and often also various small exchange items. The visitor can sign a logbook to document his or her successful search. Afterwards, the geocache is hidden again in the same place where it was found before. The find can be noted on the Internet on the corresponding page and, if necessary, supplemented with photos. In this way, other people - especially the hider or owner ("owner") - can follow the events surrounding the geocache. An important aspect of the entire search and swap process is that other people present do not recognise the project and thus the geocache remains hidden from uninitiated persons. In the spring of 2019, there should already be around three million participants in this varied game (called "cachers") in many countries around the world.

Yes, yes, that's just how it is, no sooner have you given up one thing than the next challenge comes along. We "cheese" now.

What is that? Roughly speaking, scavenger hunt in modern terms. A GPS device or mobile phone, access to a "cache site", i.e. a list of scavenger hunts, and patience while searching, that's all you need.

Now you just have to watch out for muggles, i.e. normal citizens who don't know what geocaching is and who empty the caches out of curiosity, wantonness or pure malice, camouflage their search activities and - if successful - announce their find on the Internet. The three girls are already looking, friends are infected, let's see.


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Today was the big day, it was to be hiked together…


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