In September 2020, our Feli was run over and now we faced a similar dilemma as the year before. Sammy was there, Feli was gone and again we decided that Sammy shouldn't be left alone.

As luck would have it, the last of a litter was for sale at that time, a black devil that nobody really wanted. superstition? I have no idea, at least the little 'Maine Coon/Forest Cat' mix had us fascinated from the start.

But did we really want to put some hunnies on the table for that?

After the first visit to the cat's home, it was clear - it belongs to us. Yes, that's right, THE, another cat like Sammy was. Now it only had to be clarified whether the two could get along together or whether the little black man had to go back.

The following year, Sammy and Anton got along better and better, Sammy was the quiet one, Anton the boss, although a good year younger. We had got hold of a real tomboy, no tree too high, no hedge too thick, no door closed. Yes, right, with a running start on the handle and he was in.

Everything went well for almost a year, maybe it's our fault, maybe we let him out too early, I don't know, one day he wasn't there and we suspected bad things. And in fact he was probably out and about at night and was found dead not 250m from home in the morning, probably not seen and run over at night because of his color.

The second cat I buried in the garden in a year - somehow we still miss him.


Anton is here!


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