Welcome to our website.

After my website had been offline for some time and a lot of things had changed, I finally decided to combine my private website and that of "Team 4plusX" and make it a single website. I had set up the latter with "Wordpress", which in retrospect did not satisfy me.

My personal interests have also changed in the course of time, and now "geocaching" is one of my favourite leisure activities. You can expect some pictures, adventures around travelling and geocaching, stories about me and - maybe - about La Familia.

So, I wish all my visitors a lot of fun on my website, if there are any problems, please contact me, I'm still relaunching the website and some things are not finished yet.

Oh yes, because of the pictures and all that stuff you should have Javascript turned on or for Firefox maybe enable the site in the extension "NoScript".

All our non-German content has been translated by "Deepl" or the "IM-Translator".

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