Sammy is already a poor sock, within a year he has now lost two cat friends, this time he suffered like a dog. Not an hour that he didn't wait for Anton, not a day that he wasn't looking somewhere. Dilemma three, again a playmate had to be found, preferably a tomcat that could come to us as soon as possible.

First we looked for Antons, but at some point, quite quickly, it became clear that he couldn't be a replacement, we had always wanted to avoid that. And then he came!

I don't know if you've ever seen meerkats, standing on their hind legs, with floppy ears and ferret faces. The womenfolk were enthusiastic, mine was limited at first - that's not a cat!

Far from it, we were about to take another pile of money and laugh at Baloo, another mix, this time Bengal and Scottish Fold.

And this time it's not going out too early, it wasn't until 2022 that we went outside on a leash for the first time, it will be a long time before he's allowed to do it alone.

But it was a good decision, the spirit cat Sammy had no problems with acceptance and Balu has been with us for almost a year now.


Now we also have a meerkat


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